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Floor Preparation

The key to every floor coating is the surface preparation.

At Rite-Way, we take great pride in being considered floor preparation experts, as well as floor coating experts.  Utilizing state of the art equipment, we make sure that every concrete floor has the appropriate profile required for adhesion.

Blastrac shotblast machines are often used to establish an acceptable "tooth" on the floor surface.  These machines are available in a variety of sizes and propel steel shot at the concrete surface.  The result is a texture that feels like "sandpaper".  We also can Diamond Grind the concrete surface. Diamond Grinding will allow us to install thinner coatings without blasting/tracking lines.  These machines are virtually dust-free, with large vacuum units recycling the steel shot, and filtering most dust.  

Additionally, Rite-Way floor technicians utilize Atlas Copco Kango hammers, Sawtec Saws and SASE Scarifiers.  Our floor technicians are trained to safely utilize each piece of preparation equipment during each phase of the floor prep process. 

Flooring Preparation

Flooring Preparation

Flooring Preparation

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