Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy systems are very versatile, offering great adhesion, durability, and a wide range of colors.  Epoxy toppings are considered the "work-horse" of the flooring industry.

Epoxy coatings are available in a variety of options, with the solvent-free, 100% solids version, being most popular.  Novolac epoxy is the most chemical resistant of the family.  Solvent-borne epoxies offer superior adhesion and are often used as primers.

Most resinous floor system utilize an epoxy based primer.  Generally, epoxy products are two-component, consisting of a "resin" and a "hardener".  The products are typically installed at approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon, yielding a nominal 8 mils (dry film thickness for 100% solids epoxies).  Although installations in excess of 1/4" are not uncommon.

Genesis Products
Crew completed the break room floors on this job located in Elkhart, IN. 1,220 SQ. FT. + 140 LF of base Flake color: Glacier
Full Flake Epoxy
Frontier Locker Rooms
Our crew completed 2,200 SQ. FT. Full Flake Epoxy in the locker rooms. Flake color is Ace
Full Flake Epoxy
Our crew completed this job on the office and restroom floors, about 1,250 SQ. FT. Flake color is Glee
Full Flake Epoxy